Union Station

Photos from the Ogden Union Station
Big E watches the train go by.


Mountain Mom, little g and Big E working on the railroad.


Big E’s favorite playground

The goal of this blog is to do outdoor activities with my children, however with a coughing baby and 25 degree weather the idea of going outside yesterday was too cold, even for my adventurous side.  Instead we went with Grandma to the Ogden Union Station.  Outside there are big engines to look at and climb on, but watch out for slippery snow up top.

Inside there was a large open waiting area, a small train display and caboose to climb on outside of the museum.  In the museum we played with handheld trains, on the handcart and on the caboose.  Big E’s favorite part by far was chasing the electric trains that run through the panorama describing the connecting of the transcontinental railroad, especially since he got to push the button to make it go.

As is always the case, tears came at some point on the trip.  In the gift shop there was a tiny train engine that suddenly became the object of Big E’s deepest desires.  Whining, crying, and on the ground pouting commenced.  Luckily Grandma was there to remove him from the feet of other museum goers; with little g in the pack it’s hard to lift an almost 3 year old.  I tried bribery, comfort, ignoring and physical removal from the situation but as is often the case distraction was the only real cure for his tears.  I thought the incident was over but later Big E brought it up again.

During lunch Big E suddenly said “The pee is coming! The pee is coming!”  At home we’ve been practicing going pee on the potty and since this was the first time he has instigated the potty training I jumped at the chance to practice.  We rushed to the bathroom and then back to our table.  After lunch was over E went potty again and then announced “Now I get the train!”  His joy was almost tangible, so much so that I could not refuse.  We bought him the tiny overpriced train and he has not let go of it since.

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