Moonlight Snowshoe

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By the light of the full moon…

Cousin Tacy and Cousin Kimbot joined Mountain Dad and I on a moonlight snowshoe to Stewart Falls.  

I think we will make this an annual tradition.  
How much is a good nights sleep worth to you?  With an infant and a toddler who end up in our bed nightly a good nights sleep is a precious but elusive goal.  So to purposely stay up late in order to walk through snowy woods seemed a little silly to me at first.  But urged by the commitment made to friends and family and the promise of pristine, quiet beauty we did in fact decide to give up sleep and hike to Stewart Falls.  The trail is fairly flat, but our group got stuck in a quagmire of snow covered branches surrounding the stream that flows from Stewart Falls.  The beauty of a cold sleeping world was totally worth the trip.  It reminded me of another world, one where there is peace and quiet, not crying babies waking me up in the middle of the night.  I enjoyed the company of family and friends and the feeling that in addition to being a Mountain Mom I am also a woman, nature lover and wife.  Sometimes its important to remember that.

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