Roadtrip to Northern California

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One of the benefits of being a full time mother is flexibility in schedule, within certain parameters of course.  It’s liberating to know that I can pick up and drive off to California anytime I want, as long as I’m willing to take Big E and little g along.  I was not brave enough to make the 12 hour drive with no other adults so luckily Aunt Carrie and Cousin Kimbot drove their car in caravan with me.  I only had the kids by myself for about 5 hours of the drive, luckily the hours they were the most subdued.
Ethan climbing at a park.  He is fearless – climbing to the top of the caterpillar which was around 9 feet high.

Little g is not so little anymore.

Ethan’s favorite activity in California was visiting Curly and Mo, the goats in Aunt Carrie’s backyard.

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