Sundance Lift

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With cousins in town we went on a high flying adventure on the Sundance Ski lift. Since Big E is a bit rowdy we strapped him into a climbing harness and clipped him to Mountain Dad. We didn’t need to worry, he was excited for the adventure, or rather advegable as he called it. While flying over pine and aspen trees Big E said “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” I’m sure he heard me and Mountain Dad saying something similar moments before, because he is not a ‘notice the scenery’ type.

Little g was content in her baby wrap and I was content to keep her there. Our cousins from Nebraska especially enjoyed the mountain terrain, since they don’t have anything like it there. Riding the lift is a great activity with kids because you can ride the whole way, hike down or even mountain bike depending on your activity level. We loved it.

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