Big Springs Snowshoe

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Big Springs trail is a popular snowshoeing and cross country skiing trail.  I can understand why, it’s easy to access, short, and beautiful. Plus there’s a goal that you’re hiking to – a mountain spring.  That always helps motivate me.  The 3 mile round trip hike did require some cardiovascular stamina so I opted to leave my young kids at home.  I don’t think I could’ve made it with little g on my back and snowshoes on my feet.  Instead, Mountain Dad and I went with some friends on our first true snowshoe hike of the year.
Big Springs Trailhead is near the top of South Fork Canyon Road.  You get there by driving east on Highway 189 (Provo Canyon Road) to Vivian Park, about 8 miles.  From there turn right onto South Fork Canyon Road.  You’ll drive about 2.5 miles passing Vivian Park, several homes and ranches, and South Fork Park on the way.  Turn right at Big Springs Park and head to the back parking lot.   The hike begins on the north part of the parking lot. 

The four of us strapped on our snowshoes and started out. The trail crossed the first of many wooden foot bridges and headed uphill.  We climbed gradually, enjoying the gurgling water and warmth of the sun. The trail followed the stream most of the way, which provided extra beauty to the snow covered scene. We soon realized that the trail was so packed down that we probably didn’t need the snowshoes.

 About a mile along the trail we hit a steep section that ended in a beautiful pine tree forest. I was in heaven. My favorite terrain in the world includes mountain slopes, pine trees and running water.  The cool air in my lungs and the beautiful scenery instantly put a smile on my face.  There are few things more satisfying in life than moving my body while enjoying nature.  I don’t know why I get such a rush with that combination but somehow the exercise mixed with the outdoors brings me all sorts of happiness. The forest continued a short way until we reached our goal – the Big Spring that the trail was named for.  Here we are standing at the headwaters.

After a short break at the springs we headed back down the trail.  The sun stayed warm and the scenery beautiful.  All in all it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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