Mt. Timpanogos Trailhead

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The winter wonderland that I was hoping for this February has not materialized.  When we walk outside instead of seeing fluffy white snow drifts and frost covered tree branches, the sun warms our faces and bluebirds zoom across the sky. Puddles of melting snow provide endless entertainment for the tots. Squirrels dart across the yard and up the maples. The world is brighter and more alive. I have even found myself thinking about planting things.

It’s terrible.

Normally, the change in seasons is cause for rejoicing.  Spring represents the end of a harsh winter, the renewing of the earth and a new season of life.  Yeah, Yeah.  I know all that.  I just wish it would wait a little bit longer.  I only get winter a few weeks a year, and this year I feel like I’m running out of time. When you love snowboarding, but you have two kids who can’t snowboard with you, it makes it tough to see the snow disappear. I live at a ski resort, and I still have not gotten enough snowboarding time.  Spring can come, just wait two more months!

I suppose there are advantages to having warmer weather.  One nice thing is that when I take Big E and little g out on an adventure they can stay warm, and therefore not complain as much. Yesterday I took the kids out for a walk in the woods. It couldn’t be considered a snowshoeing adventure because the trail was so packed down we were all just wearing boots.

We headed to the Mt. Timpanogos trail head at the end of the Alpine Scenic Loop byway.  In the winter the Scenic Loop is closed to cars.  Instead hikers, cross country skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers enjoy the access to the mountains.

This is Big E at the trail head with the beautiful Mt. Timpanogos behind him.  See how happy he is to be outdoors?

Here we are approximately 100 steps into the trail.  That strip of gray in the background? It’s the parking lot. At this point E decided he wanted a picnic so we sat on the hard packed snow and ate some pretzels.  See how happy little g is?
These are the kids gazing wistfully toward the car.  I asked if E wanted to walk any farther on the trail.  He said, “No, let’s just go home.” So much for nice weather making them want to stay on the trail longer. I wasn’t too surprised.  Ethan had been sick earlier in the week.  I thought he was all better, but maybe he wasn’t quite back to normal. 
I sighed, packed up our snacks and g’s hiking pack and headed back to the car.  Maybe when it’s actually springtime we can try it again.  Yesterday it just wasn’t meant to be.

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