Big E’s Big Skis

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Living at Sundance Ski Resort kinda requires you to love skiing.  As a mom I want my kids to love skiing as much as I love snowboarding because I’ve felt so much pure joy on the mountain. Who wouldn’t want to share that kind of joy with their kids?  
Now, I’m not a downhill skier, the last time I tried it was 10 years ago. I do cross country ski a little and snowboard, a lot. You may ask, “Why not start Big E on snowboarding, if that’s what you love?” Well, in my short stint as a snowboard instructor a few years ago, there was a general rule that kids under seven are just too young to snowboard.  The problem is muscle control.  It’s not easy to hold your feet and ankles at the right angle to keep from falling on your face or backside, as an adult. As a young child with minimal muscle strength in the lower leg, it’s just frustrating.
Even with my lack of downhill ski knowledge I wasn’t too worried to introduce the sport to E, I snowboard religiously after all. I’m comfortable on the snow, and even if I’m not a pro skier at least I can get my son comfortable on the snow too.
We borrowed the neighbor’s boots and skis and hiked down to the resort. Kids under 6 ski free at Sundance and everyone has access to Sundance’s free tow rope. E was a little nervous, as he is with all new things and places.  I showed him how to put on his boots, lock into the skis, how to make a snowplow and how to move.  Since I didn’t have my own skis he was a little reluctant to try things out. For his first time, I think he did great. 

After the initial trip down the slope we headed for the tow rope. My expectations were low. He liked WATCHING the tow rope. He got in line for the tow rope, but alas he never actually attempted to ride the tow rope. Part of the problem was that I did not have skis on, and therefore could not have him ride with me.  Most parents tuck their tots between their skis the first time and the both go up together.  Since I didn’t have skis on he would’ve had to hold on himself with me running up behind.

Bribery was useless in getting him to try the tow. I was practicing my motherly patience and didn’t want to make a big deal about it, I want skiing to be a positive experience for both of us after all. But I couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed at him not even being willing to try the tow.  

After sliding around for about an hour, eating a whole pack of bribery starbursts and only falling once we decided to head back home.  I’m glad I wasn’t expecting too much from him.  I just wanted to get him in skis, on the snow, and having fun.  I think those things were all accomplished, even if he didn’t try out the tow rope. Overall it was good, not great, but not bad.

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