Perfect Easter Photos of the Tots

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One of the best parts of having an adorable little girl is buying adorable little girl dresses. I know I’m not the only mom out there who melts at the sight of a rack of fluffy pastel colored dresses at the store.  All month I’ve been telling myself that little g already had plenty of dresses, that I didn’t need to spoil her with yet another one. But when I saw the lavender tulle and the silky bow on this, I couldn’t help myself.  
Naturally, I couldn’t get little g a new outfit and not get something for E. So this morning I got them dressed in coordinating purple outfits and set out to get the perfect Easter photo of the tots.
The problem with my brilliant attempt was the fact that I had also gotten matching pinwheels that were much more fun to play with than posing for perfect Easter photos would be.
I also forgot to take out little g’s pacifier, and apparently Big E forgot how to smile normally.

Big E wanted to play hide and seek.  Here he is hiding.

And here’s little g hiding.  

And so, my perfect Easter photo of the tots, turned into a series of imperfect shots, that more accurately reflect real life anyway. Sometimes a pretty dress or new shoes makes us feel fancy for a moment, but true joy comes from smelling the flowers anyway.

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