Utah State Park: Snow Canyon, Sand Dunes

Day two of our Snow Canyon State Park adventure was full of fun.  We started the day with a bike ride to the Snow Canyon Sand Dunes. We went in the morning, before the sun baked everything crispy, and the sand was cool in our toes. Our group of campers bought along a ball, Frisbee, cups and a shovel in order to truly enjoy our time. Big E was happy to just dig, dig, dig.  He was so happy in fact, that he forgot to mention that he needed to pee and unfortunately peed in his pants, only fifteen minutes after I had taken him to the bathroom. Here he is, standing proudly, in his pee stained pants.

Since we had biked there from the campsite, the closest change of clothing was a twenty minute huff and puff up the trail, lugging my tots in the bike trailer behind me. I considered my options. Either I could bike back up to camp, or strip him naked from the waist down and traumatize all the other park patrons.  Since neither option was that appealing, and since E seemed to not care even a tiny bit that he was wet with pee, I decided to do nothing. This may not be my best mothering moment, I’ll admit, but E seemed to be just as healthy, happy and developmentally adjusted before the event as afterward. So hopefully there’s no harm done.

While Big E dug some more, little g and I played in the sand too. We saw lots of animal tracks, most likely from birds and snakes.  One of our fellow campers thought there might be scorpion tracks as well, but luckily we saw none of those. 
What’s great about the Snow Canyon Sand Dunes is that it’s easily accessible, the whole family can enjoy it and you can spend as much time there as you want. Me and my tots thought it was a lot like going to the beach, only without the ocean.  I only wish I had brought my book, since E was distracted by building castles in the sand and little g quickly fell asleep on my lap.

If you’re looking to visit Snow Canyon State Park and don’t mind getting a little sandy I would definitely suggest stopping here.  But beware, there is no shade and it gets hot.  Also, may I suggest bringing a change of clothes for any preschoolers you may have with you.

Author: Mountain Mom

Hi! I'm Mountain Mom. I live with my husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah. When we're not hiking, biking, skiing and camping, I spend my time doing Mom stuff and reading. Summer of 2016 we traveled over 7,000 miles along the US National Park to Park Highway.

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