Good Morning Baltimore!

Our first stop on our trip back east was the great city of Baltimore, Maryland. At least we were told that Baltimore is great by our brother-in-law who attends Johns Hopkins University.  The merits of the city have been a long standing debate in our family and I was there to decide once and for all if Baltimore was all it’s been purported to be.

Our first stop was Druid Hill Park for my niece Eden’s third birthday.  We enjoyed tasty food in the sunny spring weather. The tots loved playing with their cousin and her little friends.

After the park Big E and I explored Johns Hopkins University with my brother-in-law. He took care to point out all the interesting facts about the history of the university and I have to say it was impressive. The colonial style brick buildings surround a beautiful central lawn.  Here Big E and I are standing outside the admissions building by a sign that says Johns Hopkins University. I know you can’t see it in the photo, but trust me, that’s what it says.
The weather was delightful, the city lovely, although we avoided the boarded off section of town.  I especially liked the green spaces, the parks and old world forests that we saw everywhere. Over all I have to say Baltimore was fun and worth the trip. The family naysayers (my husband included) were wrong. Baltimore was great and I’m glad I got a chance to explore it a little.
My one question is why Maryland is so obsessed with their state flag? Any thoughts?

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