Happy Fathers Day Mountain Dad!

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You Might be a Mountain Dad if…

You’re more likely to be found on a hike than mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning.

Your kids ask, “Do we have to go camping again?”

Your dream vacation includes dirt, campfires, a four wheeler and some explosions.

You pack bear spray everywhere you go.

You can name every person on Duck Dynasty.

Requirements for a Mountain Dad: 

1. Love your kids.

2. Love the outdoors.

NOTE: Numbers one and two are interchangeable, just don’t tell the kids if you love the outdoors more.

To all the Mountain Dads out there, I hope your fathers day is a great one.

To my favorite Mountain Dad, thanks for getting me into the outdoors all those years ago when we started dating. 

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Author: Mountain Mom

Hi! I'm Mountain Mom. I live with my husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah. When we're not hiking, biking, skiing and camping, I spend my time doing Mom stuff and reading. Summer of 2016 we traveled over 7,000 miles along the US National Park to Park Highway.

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