Battlecreek Falls, Pleasant Grove, Utah

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Water is one thing I always look for when hiking with my tots. I don’t know if the rushing sound is calming to their nerves, or exciting for their senses but one thing’s for sure, my tots LOVE the water. That’s why Battlecreek Falls hike was such fun.
Not only did this short hike follow a meandering stream most of the way, but the end result was the playful Battlecreek Falls. The tots and I joined our friends from Rocky Mountain Mammas on the wide, rocky trail. We gained elevation gradually, walking through dense foliage in some parts, and over running water in others. Near the falls, a small cave appeared in the wall of the mountain, which my tots were a little too timid to explore. 

The main attraction of the hike is Battlecreek Falls, a waterfall approximately forty feet high. Big E was happy running around and throwing rocks, like always. Little g, on the other hand, only wanted to be in my arms when we were at the falls. Perhaps the pounding sounds of water, or the cool spray on her face scared her. To me, the refreshing spray felt great after the uphill hike.

Hiking down from Battlecreek Falls, we got a great view of Utah Valley. Following the water, we ended up at a large pool near the beginning of the trail, where Big E and little g would’ve been content to stay all day, throwing in rocks and watching them splash.

Over all this was a great hike for kids. It was short, fun and had a great waterfall to enjoy. 

Battlecreek Falls
Rating: 4 stars
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: Approximately 1 mile
Tips: Put your toddler in a baby carrier. Why did I think she would walk the whole way?

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