Canoeing the Provo River with CLAS Ropes Course

I’ve never been great at paddle sports. Several years ago Mountain Dad, who guided rafts down the American River in northern California during college summers, took me down the American on an inflatable kayak. The trip ended in exhaustion and tears, and since then, I’ve been wary of floating down a river on a boat of any sort.
The opportunity to canoe on a very calm section of the Provo River came up this past week and I decided it was time to challenge my river fears. A canoe is more stable than a one man kayak, can seat the whole family and seemed like a good adventure. Plus I want my tots to be comfortable near water, especially since Mountain Dad loves it so much.
We visited CLAS Ropes Course, near Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. Although the main attractions at CLAS Ropes Course are the zip line, giant swing and rock wall, they also have a great boat dock right on the Provo river. For under fifteen dollars, you can take a canoe out for a two hour rental, life jackets and paddles included.
Big E was ready to go before we even got the boat to the water, but little g cried  when I tried to get her inside. It was only after she saw ducks floating along the river that she decided the canoe was a great idea.
The placid water was relaxing and beautiful, and the ducks and what I assume was a muskrat or funny looking river otter provided great entertainment. Mountain Dad and I manned the paddles, although Big E tried it out too. It was a fun outing for the whole family, and was the perfect end to a summer day.

Author: Mountain Mom

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