Grotto Trail, Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, Utah

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Looking for a short, fun hike to wrap up the summer? The tots and I really enjoyed Grotto Trail off the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway. This half mile hike followed a rocky stream to an interesting cave like rock formation adorned with a twenty foot tall waterfall.

Little g was content in the pack as long as she had her pacifier and Big E was a big help by carrying snacks and water in his little red backpack. We enjoyed the Grotto Trail hike along with our cousins and the wood bridges across the rocky stream were highlights of the hike.

At the end of the trail, we enjoyed the mysteriousness of the waterfall cave, where Grotto Trail gets its name. Verdent moss clung to the craggy walls and the cool spray from the water splashed our faces. It was a great hike for a summer day.

Trail Info: Grotto Trail
Length: approximately 0.5 mile
Difficulty: Easy
Rating: 5 stars, this is the perfect hike for kids
Tips: Go with friends. This hike is short and sweet, less than ten miles up the canyon from the city of Payson, Utah.  Bring the whole crew and enjoy.

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