Payson Lakes Campground, Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, Utah

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Payson Lakes Campground is situated on the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway near Payson, Utah. Payson Lakes is known as a fisherman’s getaway since the series of three alpine lakes are a great place to paddle, fish or swim. But what was it like camping there?
Payson Lakes Campground boasts three loops with about twenty campsites each. At our site (B5) Big E quickly conquered this fallen giant and spent hours with his cousin walking back and forth across the log that was as tall as he was. When I finally got them focused on putting up our tent, as usual my tots had more fun playing with the tent poles than actually being helpful.

We enjoyed a canopy of tall pines for our home away from home. The bathrooms were pit toilets, not too smelly except when in use, and water was readily available. The best part of the campsite for me was its access via a tree lined trail to the largest of the Payson Lakes. Little g and I meandered this trail for almost an hour while I walked at her short legged speed to our beach site. At the end of the campground a fisherman’s parking area provided access for day use fishing, but a separate entrance before the campground also provided this.

Staying at Payson Lakes Campground made lounging by the lake an easy activity, even for my perpetually moving tots. It was a relaxing place to play and camp, and I loved the secluded feel of it all.

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  1. It's beautiful up there! I haven't been to Payson Lakes in years and I might just have to make a trip up there soon! (I almost drowned there when I was 6, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten over that…)

    Great post!

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