Secret Swim Spot, Zion National Park, Utah

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The coolest hike in Zion National Park won’t be found on any map or brochure. It’s a secret spot, that we scouted out like treasure seekers on a hunt. And we hit the jackpot.
Thanks to a tip from the book Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of the Southwest by Pancho Doll, we knew there was a short hike that led to a waterfall with a natural water slide. The trick was to find it.

We started out on the side of the road, where we could hear water flowing but couldn’t see anything. Following the desert brush trail until the trees grew larger, we soon found the source of the sound, a rocky stream.

We followed the stream for less than half a mile, carrying the tots over ever larger boulders, waiting for a glimpse of the elusive water fall. We weren’t sure the place existed but after scrambling and hiking about thirty minutes we found a wider section of the stream with water deep enough for jumping. Awesome!

I would’ve been content there, but Mountain Dad decided to scramble over the rock wall to find the elusive natural water slide. I’m so glad he did.

The rock scrambling was rewarded with a beautiful red rock cove. The water cascaded from above, pooled three to four feet at the deepest and trickled down to the rocks below. We all enjoyed sliding down the mossy slope into the cool water below, and feeling the sand squish between our toes. It was the perfect place to play on a hot summer day.
Trail Info:
Difficulty: Difficult, but worth it
Length: 1 mile round trip
Tips: More adults than children make the rock scrambling easier.

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