Strongvolt Solar Chargers

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by Susan Strayer

On my recent campouts I have often missed out on great photos because my phone was out of charge. To conserve battery life I would turn it off, which then left me without a clock. I know I’m a spoiled camper as it is that I carry around my camera, clock, phone and life all in one device, but if I didn’t, how could I document my adventures for this blog?

So when Strong Volt contacted me about reviewing their 7W Solar Charger I easily accepted. I had been looking at getting a solar charger anyway, because not only would it be good for camping, but also as an emergency prepardness device.

When I received the black billfold like package I was skeptical that it would really make a difference. But when I heard the familiar chime indicating my phone was charging, I smiled with delight.

My first attempt at charging was less than successful. I only had an hour and the sunny spot I chose had a shadow within fifteen minutes. Oops.

My next attempt started out strong, with the Strong Volt charger fully charging my phone within a few hours. However, a storm blew in which drenched the whole set up, my phone included, because I had forgotten it was outside. Oops again.

Luckily Strong Volt advised that I cover my device to avoid sun damage, which I did by sticking my phone inside a work glove I had lying around (I know super high tech). At any rate it worked – my phone is still functional and I discovered the solar charger is waterproof.

If you’re interested in a device like this for your next adventure, Strong Volt is offering a 10% off promo code for Mountain Mom and Tot readers. Just enter STRVLT10 to get 10% off (normally 59.99).

I’m excited for the possibilities this device opens up. Now when I’m out on a long camping trip I wount have to worry about how to charge my phone. I’ll only have to worry about the weather.

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