Stewart Falls, Sundance, Utah

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Well Blog Readers, we finally did it. Many of you may remember that on my 30th birthday back in January I made a list of 30 adventures I wanted to have this year. One of the toughest on that list was to hike three miles to Stewart Falls with Big E on his feet the whole time.

Well it’s finally happened. Accompanied by his trusty Jengo Fett blasters (can you guess what Big E wants to be for Halloween?), Big E, little g and I made it all the way to Stewart Falls with Big E walking the whole way! Along the trail we saw beautiful golden aspens and dark green pines, and loved the autumn sunshine.

Hooray! Hooray! Happy Day!

Little g was in the hiking pack and I was grateful for that. She ended up asleep by the time we reached the falls, and would’ve stayed that way on the way back if Big E hadn’t enthusiastically yelled at her to see the cool rock he found.

The whole hike took two and a half hours there and back. It would’ve been shorter if I had not missed the shortcut turnoff back to the trailhead.  That unfortunate lapse of attention added thirty minutes onto an already tiring trip.

Trail Info:
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 2.5 hours
Tips: Don’t miss the shortcut turnoff!

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