Motherhood Moments: First Snow!

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Last Saturday, Mountain Dad and I were snowed in! I love living in the mountains and snowboarding, but the unexpected first snowstorm of the year reminded me that I don’t like shoveling or driving in the snow. Several of our neighbors had accidents just driving down our street, but luckily Mountain Dad and I could just cancel plans and stay safe at home.

My tots also have strong opinions about the snow. Big E was in heaven, eagerly putting on his snow suit and squeezing his feet into too small boots in order to have a snowball fight outside.

Little g on the other hand sobbed at the prospect of even one flake touching her skin. She wailed until I put her in the garage, where she could see the snow but stay safely out of its way, but even this would not suffice. She just wanted to be inside.

I was hoping to introduce little g to the amazing world of skiing this year, but her reaction to the first snow storm of the year tells me she’s not ready. Mostly I was hoping for a way to get some slope time myself. If ALL of us were on skis, I could get some extra runs in. But, if that means I would have to endure little g’s cries for one more minute, it wouldn’t be worth it. Oh well, there’s always next year

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