Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

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Mountain Dad and I have been to Arches National Park many times in our lives, but never with two rowdy tots in tow. In hiking to Sand Dune Arch, I took a tip from my sister-in-law who said it was the best hike for kids in all of Arches National Park. I whole heartedly agree.

The hike to Sand Dune Arch is more like a quick walk between towering red rock walls. Big E and his cousin loved running ahead and climbing on boulders. I thought it would be the best hike ever – short, fun with a destination to motivate us forward – but apparently little g was less excited about it. She cried the whole time and wouldn’t let me put her down.

The actual arch spans a sandy oasis of fun. In the summer, the tall walls surrounding the area ensures shady sandbox play. In the winter, like when we went, it was a little too cool for my comfort.

If you’re visiting Arches National Park with kids, make sure you take them here. If you’re interested in more than just playing in the sand, Broken Arch trail (1.3 miles) connects to Sand Dune Arch trail.
Trail Info: Sand Dune Arch
Distance: 0.3 miles
Time: 15 minutes
Tips: In the warm weather, this offers a shady oasis and is a great place to play.

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  1. We've taken the kids to Sand Dune Arch when they were little and they loved it. I'm sorry little g didn't care for it so much. 🙁 It was great seeing you at Rae's dinner last night! 🙂

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