Green River, Dinosaur National Monument, Jensen, Utah

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If we had more time at Dinosaur National Monument I would’ve loved to raft the Green River through the area. As a river guide in college, Mountain Dad introduced me to the world of inflatable kayaks and rafts, and although river trips still scare me, they can be a lot of fun.
We’ve run the upper section of the Green River near Flaming Gorge Reservoir in the past, where the water is fairly mild and the sheer rock cliffs on either side of the river make for some beautiful scenery. On this trip to Dinosaur National Monument, however, we had to make due with a picnic at Green River Campground and splashing in the water at Split Mountain Boat Ramp.
It was the perfect end to our Dinosaur National Monument adventure, because who doesn’t like to get their feet wet after a hot day the sun? The 2 mile one way River Trail also begins here, a lovely trail along the Green. For more info on rafting and hiking in Dinosaur National Monument click here.

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