Sundance Resort Kids Camp, Sundance, Utah

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Big E loved spending a day at Sundance Resort Kids’ Camp last week. Here’s a re-post of what I wrote for the Sundance Resort Blog. Check out the original here.

When we first arrived at Sundance Kids Camp, my reluctant five-year-old was loathe to leave my side, clinging to my leg like a koala bear. I tried to get him interested in the group by joining in with the kids’ morning yoga class, where we pointed our arms like a compass, stood in “Tada” sana or Mountain pose and acted like animals. Ethan finally cracked a smile with the help of the Sundance camp leaders when pretending to be a puffer fish and rolling on his mat.
  Ethan (3 of 5)
While I snuck away, the group learned about predators and prey with an interactive tag game my son later described like this, “I liked the tagger game, you could be two mountain lions and they had to tag the deer, and they died. If you died you had to sit down.” It may not be eloquent, but his explanation showed me that not only had he learned something, he had fun doing it.
 Kids camp (1 of 6)-2
Years ago kids roamed the mountains all summer long with the Sundance Mountain School and Sundance Kids Camp. The tradition took a long hiatus, finally returning this year as the Sundance Summer Kids Camp.
Sundance Mountain Resort is an ideal place to send your kids on a summer day. The shady mountainsides, cooler temperatures and plethora of activities make it a great location for childhood play. Throughout the summer, kids ages 5-12 can hike, play, explore, and create all in the beauty of the mountains. With different themes like Water World or Survivor Kids for each week, the attendees are sure to be entertained.
 Kids camp (6 of 6)-2
In addition to hands on learning about predators and prey, Ethan’s group watched a live animal demonstration, had art activities, learned about camouflage and played games related to the week’s theme – Animal Adventures.
 At the end of the day, the shy kid from that morning was gone, replaced by a happy, laughing one. He had spent the day running, learning, and playing in the great outdoors of Sundance. I knew it was a success when he asked me later, “Can I go back every week?” You can’t get a better recommendation than that.Ethan (5 of 5)
Susan Strayer lives near Sundance resort and spends much of her time snowboarding, hiking, and getting up the courage to mountain bike. Read more at

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