Fun in the Sun and Trying New Things, Carpinteria State Beach, California


What I love most about traveling is experiencing the newness of it. Vacations are powerful parts of life because we get out of our everyday stresses and routines and open ourselves up to experiencing life a little differently.

My kids may get to learn and grow in new ways daily but for me, it takes breaking free from the daily pressures of life to try new things. On our beach trip to California, while the Big E and little g dug, swam, splashed and ran I tried a few new things of my own.

Now, it’s not as if I’ve never boogie boarded before, but since I live in the mountains and not the beach, the times I’ve gone have been few and far between. THIS trip to Carpinteria State Beach in California offered me a chance to put my rusty skills to the test. I caught wave after wave on my little piece of foam and each time I felt the thrill of slightly controlled speed.

That thrill of riding the edge of speed and danger is the same feeling I get snowboarding, the feeling that I’m truly alive for that short moment. Joy complete with happy smiling and shouts of glee accompany me in those moments. That is why I choose to be a Mountain Mom. To combine this joy with the joy my kids have given me. I hope you all enjoy it too.

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Author: Mountain Mom

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