Great Giftable Gear from 2014

This year we’ve tried out some great new gear. If you’re looking for an outdoor gift for someone on your list here’re some of my favorites from 2014.

At Outdoor Retailers this summer I was given some water bottles to review. The Cambelback Kids aluminum bottle is cute and portable but it has one major design flaw. The handle is positioned to get in the way when drinking, especially for little faces. Another water bottle that has now become my favorite is the Avex Sport. I’m a big fan of the pourable spout especially as a mom. Then I can refill my kids’ bottles without sharing our germs. AGS Carabiner Travel mug is a good design, but cheaply made and although I thought I would use its convenient carabiner handle I haven’t as much as I expected.

This year we purchased a Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern with electronic charging capabilities. You can plug-in charge it, connect it to a solar panel or even use the hand crank top if needed. It’s so much more compact because you don’t need a propane bottle, plus it functions as a cell phone or tablet charger when you’re out at camp. My kids like the “party lights” feature where the red lights circle on top and the lights put out good light and function in cold conditions. Note: Goal Zero has come out with a newer model since this review – the Lighthouse 250 Lantern retailing at 79.99.


Pakems Trail boots. Another Outdoor Retailers review item, the Pakems boots are meant as after adventure footwear. Waterproof, lightweight, easy to squish into small spaces, these second shoes are good for relaxing after a paddle, hike, ski or swim. They came in handy for my son too, who soaked his only sneakers on our last frigid camping adventure and although the shoes were adult size, they were the perfect option to keep him from complaining about cold feet. Prices range from $45 – $80.


After waking up in 2 inches of water our 15 year old dome tent was retired and Mountain Dad chose the Marmot Halo 4 person tent for our replacement. We’ve taken it to the beach, to Alaska and the high altitude mountains of Utah and have enjoyed the spacious set up, click in poles and double entrances. I have not liked the added steps of staking out the rain fly separate from the tent. I know it keeps things dry (although frost still got on the inside of the fly on our last trip, which then melted onto our bedding) but my kids end up stepping on the door with their limited zipping abilities. The Marmot Halo 4 is also the most expensive gear purchase we made this year retailing at $429.00. With that said, it’s been surprisingly easy and spacious and the tots LOVE to play in the tent while we’re camping.

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