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What is a blog if not a place to brag and what better person to brag about than Mom?

I’m proud to be a winner in the For The Love of Mom blog post contest hosted by Tales of a Mountain Mama. My guest blog post I’ll Always Need a Mother is live today. Please go check it out!

While you’re there make sure to enter Amelia’s awesome Mother’s Day Giveaways. Just nominate a mom in your life for some amazing prizes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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Author: Mountain Mom

Hi! I'm Mountain Mom. I live with my husband and three young kids in the mountains near Sundance, Utah. When we're not hiking, biking, skiing and camping, I spend my time doing Mom stuff and reading. Summer of 2016 we traveled over 7,000 miles along the US National Park to Park Highway.

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  1. There are several reasons why I love your mother and her mothering- I always recall her and your dad on the ground with the kids doing games or puzzles, pushing cars or assembling legos.
    Most of us adults crave the time to talk and just let the kids do their thing but someone who will go outside and swing a child while the rest of the "crew" gets to hang out is pretty special.
    She also was a good cook in that she could mix something up with what was in the cupboards. One dinner we all pulled off a chunk of French bread rather than slice it. It was so "comfortable" and welcoming. Your mom didn't seek any praise either. She rolled up her sleeves, dug in, and laughed along the way.
    Any task seemed to come about easier with that kind of attitude. Your mother is pretty special and I am glad she was able to help you when your family was sick. She is the epitome of sacrificing her schedule or wants to helping her family or sticking by your Dad when he needed her to be with him.
    You have a great family and I am enjoying your blog tonight, thanks!

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