LifeStraw Go Review

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Mountain Dad used our new LifeStraw Go on his daily hike to Stewart Falls yesterday and wrote up this short review. This is a first here at Mountain Mom and Tots – Mountain Dad doesn’t usually write reviews so you know the LifeStraw Go must be pretty special.
I loved the LifeStraw Go. I carried it empty to the Falls as it is only about a mile from our home. Once there I was able to fill it up in the ice cold, crystal clear water and hydrate on the way back. I’ve always wanted to drink from the waterfall but couldn’t without packing a water filtration system and a water bottle. But the LifeStraw Go made it easy.
Here are his thoughts.
  • Has to be the best day hike water bottle option out there.
  • Awesome to be able to refill on the trail from that ice cold lake, stream, or river you have been hiking by/to
  • Filter adds minimal weight (2oz?)
  • Kid level ease of use. Just fill and drink.
  • Additional uses such as emergency backup.

  • Price – at $32 on Amazon, it is a little pricey, but realistically it is lower cost or comparable to good water bottle + water filtration solution
  • Should add another 200ml capacity to offset displacement by filtration cartridge.
  • No option to provide filtered water to other storage vessels (e.g. friends water bottle).
Thanks for your review Mountain Dad!

LifeStraw provided this product for the purpose of review but our opinions are our own.

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