Aquabot Review and Camping in Logan Canyon, Utah

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The whole mountain family headed up to Logan Canyon, Utah for an end of summer campout. Along for the ride were cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and lots of fun. We tubed the river a bit, hiked Tony Grove Nature Trail and of course had a fire and played cards in the tent. That last activity is the real reason my kids go camping. Forget about nature, let’s play Go Fish!

Next to the cards my tots’ favorite activity was spraying each other with water. What made that easy was a nifty water bottle attachment we received from The Aquabot.

Convenience and function are the top criteria I use when I’m packing for an outdoor adventure. The Aquabot filled those requirements and was really fun to boot. It changes a regular water bottle into a squirt gun, mister and hose all in one. With a few quick pumps you can pressurize the water in your bottle, making your drinking container double as a sprayer. This is especially convenient trying to clean sand off of feet or dirt off of hands as we found while camping in Logan Canyon, Utah.

How does Aquabot work exactly? I’ll leave that to Big E and little g to explain.

Big E especially liked Aquabot because of its high powered spray. I can’t blame him, who wouldn’t be impressed with 25 ft of soaking ability? The only problem there was that he liked it so much he sprayed the water out before even hitting the trail and had to drink from my water bottle instead.

The three settings – stream, spray, and mist – are controlled by a variable trigger and can even function upside down. The Aquabot fits any standard wide mouth water bottle (nalgene, camelbak, lifestraw) and includes attachment points for a lanyard. The cost on their website is $20 per unit, $27 with the bottle. 
  • Fits water bottles I currently own.
  • Can spray, mist and stream making a water bottle multi-use.
  • Really fun for kids (and adults)
  • Lightweight – 4oz
  • BPA free
  • Kids sprayed it out before drinking from it
  • When pressurized it can be hard to remove top (just release the water stream)

At times it felt like the Aquabot was little more than a glorified squirt gun and if I didn’t have kids I probably wouldn’t get one unless I was frequently at a beach or needed to clean off in a hurry. Since I do have kids, I do like it. I just can’t think of it like a water bottle, at least not until Big E learns what rationing is.

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