More than S’mores – Camp Cook Week Day 3

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Welcome to Camp Cooking Week! We’ll be cooking outdoors all week long so come back tomorrow for more outdoor cooking tips and tricks.

Day 3 – Backyard Bonfire 

Cooking over a fire is perhaps the most thought of form of camp cooking. Whether you wrap up food in tinfoil and stick it in the coals or stab it onto a stick and roast it over the flames, food cooked over a fire is delicious.

S’mores are a must have when camping out, but they’re not the only thing to cook over a fire. Last weekend a friend of mine invited me and the tots to a fun family birthday party. Her husband and son have the same birthday so in order to accommodate both kids and adults she planned a backyard bonfire. Fun for all!

She served much more than s’mores. Chocolate grahams, shortbread cookies, cookie spreads, nutella, peanut butter, berries and flavored homemade marshmallows added to the variety that plain marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers offer.

In addition to a table of sweet treats she offered a savory s’mores table with cheeses wrapped in meat slices, savory crackers and pretzel chips. I’d never had savory s’mores before, never even thought to have them, but once I saw the spread I knew the idea was fantastic. Wrap a mozzarella ball in a slice of ham and roast it into a tasty ball of goodness. Yum.

What foods have you tried roasting over a fire? This party reminded me of another post I did last year about amping up camp desserts. Check out More than S’mores here and make sure to come back tomorrow for more Camp Cooking!

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