Primus Firehole 100 Camp Stove Review – Camp Cook Week Day 2

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This post is part of a series of weekly gear reviews. Check back most Wednesdays for reviews of cool gear for outdoor families.

Welcome to Camp Cooking Week! We’ll be cooking outdoors all week long so come back tomorrow for more outdoor cooking tips and tricks.

Day 2 – Primus Camp Stove

As part of Camp Cooking Week we had to put in a review of our new Primus Firehole 100. We purchased this stove this summer after looking for a lighter, more compact option than the Camp Chef one we had before.

The Primus is a two burner option with built in electrical start. It takes 1lb propane bottles which are easy to find at most camping supply stores. The supply hose conveniently recesses into the base keeping it clean and not lost.

The surface area available for cooking is slightly smaller than other comparable two burner stoves, making it hard for two large pots to fit at the same time. Mostly Mountain Dad and I use a griddle when we’re camp cooking and maybe our family is just getting bigger, but it’s hard to cook all the food we need for a meal at the same time. I like the magnetic side panels on the stove as well as the built in handle on the front.

The Primus Firehole 100 costs $149.00 on Amazon.


  • Cleanup is easy with a solid base below the burners.
  • Piezo electric start is super convenient, although other reviews say it can be finicky we haven’t had that experience.
  • Easy set up. Magnetic side panels stay up well.
  • Compact enough for car camping. Sturdy construction
  • Knobs need a mark to show when they are on or off. When I used it on our most recent campout I turned the knobs all the way one way to turn them off but since we had run out of propane I actually turned it all the way on but didn’t know. Just a little mark on the knob would fix this issue.
  • Does not have adjustable feet, but Mountain Dad fixed that for less than $4.00. (see below)

Mountain Dad figured out a great fix to make our Primus Firehole 100 adjustable. Check it out the full article on

Picture of Adjustable Feet on Primus Firehole 100 Camp Stove for <$5

If you have ever cooked eggs on a two burner camp stove, you know how nice it is to have a nice level cooking surface. This is often more difficult than you think as seemingly flat surfaces, like this log bench I made, are not actually entirely level. Having adjustable feet on your camp stove is a nice feature and means you don’t have to use rocks, wood chips, etc to try and level your stove or cooking surface. This Instructable will show you how to convert the existing feet on your Primus Firehole 100 stove to adjustable feet, for <$5…
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