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In October my mountain family forayed into new territory. Mountain Biking. You’d think we’d be mountain bikers already, I mean we live ON a mountain. Although we have mountain bikes (Mountain Dad has a pretty nice one) we’re not what I would consider mountain bikers, mostly because it’s hard to ride single track with a kid on training wheels and two tots in a trailer. However, I was determined to change that with a trip to Fruita, Colorado.

Most people haven’t heard of Fruita. It’s a suburb of Grand Junction if that tells you anything of its size. The ones who have heard of Fruita probably know about it because of Mountain Biking. It’s world renown because of its great terrain, proximity to Colorado National Monument and the annual 18 Hours of Fruita Fat Tire Festival. 

Our Mountain Family camped in the North Fruita Desert. It’s a BLM campground that serves as a base for trails like Zippity Do Da, Chutes and Ladders, and Kessel’s Run. Although the camp is bare bones – pit toilets and no water – it’s location for riding the trails is great.
Overall our trip wasn’t great. Mountain Dad fell on his bike and broke a rib, Big E had a meltdown riding on the paved Colorado Riverfront Trail (which doesn’t actually go by the river in Fruita), and little G refused to try out her balance bike. I had fun on the Pumps, Bumps and Rollers trail and was proud of myself for trying out something new, but the majority of the Mountain Family would’ve rather thrown mud balls in the river.
Along with trying out a new activity, I was also trying out a new look. The Wheel Clever shirt by Club Ride Apparel. I was given this piece to review by the online store They have a wide selection of gear for outdoor adventurers.
When I first received the Wheel Clever shirt I was in for a big surprise. It’s described as lightweight but I didn’t expect it to be see through. The fabric is thin, which is good for something breathable to wear over spandex, but I was expecting something a bit more substantial. Maybe in the darker color it would seem different.
Looking at it in the package I didn’t really like the shirt, but after wearing it while biking I changed my mind. The sly bicycle wheel pattern is really cool and I also liked the thumb holes and hidden pocket. The small zippered compartment is big enough for a car key and maybe a credit card, don’t expect to fit a phone in there. The incorporated reflective accents are a nice touch as well. 
It’s a well designed long sleeved shirt that looked cool, protected my fair skin from the sun and allowed me to not feel near naked in skin tight spandex. Do I think it’s worth $64.95? Not with plastic snaps and the snag holes that appeared after just a few wearings. Do I think it’s a good shirt? Yes and I will definitely wear it again.
  • Cool bicycle wheel fabric 
  • Lightweight, long sleeved
  • Comfortable
  • Could wear biking or in public, great cover for spandex
  • Secret Ninja pocket 
  • Snaps and thin fabric seem cheaply made
  • Price – $64.95
This post is part of my Wednesday Gear Review Series. Thanks to for providing the Wheel Clever shirt by Club Ride Apparel. All opinions are my own.
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