Best of Winter Outdoor Retailer 2016

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Every winter over 20,000 people gather in Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. The trade show attracts companies from all over the world with some of the newest and coolest gear on the market.

This year I got to try out some of that cool gear at Demo Day at Solitude Mountain Resort. Snow shoes, skis, even and electric bike were there for attendees to try. It was like recess for adults, complete with a beer garden.

There was so much to see in the show. Here are some of my favorite picks.

It was great fun slipping and sliding on the fat tires of this Polaris E Bike at Demo Day. The pedal assist feature makes the bike do all the work when the gears shift. Instead of grueling uphills your legs pedal at the same level as a flat open trail and the bike picks up the slack. It’s like riding a bike with a boost. Also, I discovered I’m not a natural snow biker.

This stainless steel insulated beverage bottle has a unique magnetic tether. Instead of the lid flipping back into your face or flopping off to who knows where it magnetizes to the side of the bottle so you never lose it. Plus the lid doubles as an emergency compass – it floats!

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food
Clif Bar makes more than just granola bars. They now offer Organic Energy Food pouches in savory flavors like Pizza Margherita and Banana Beet Ginger. I know it’s not baby food, but Baby L enjoyed it even more than I did.

Socks may not be exciting for some, but Fox River Socks were exciting for me. The original home of the Rockford Red Heel, this company makes so much more than the Sock Monkey puppet we all know. The variety of kid, men and women socks was truly surprising.

This little waterproof camera from Intova doesn’t come out until Spring. The Duo action cam is an entry level, lightweight camera designed with easy controls. It would be perfect for kids to use too.

I was impressed by the awesome AquaHeat line from Innobaby. Just add water to a heat packet and you can easily warm bottles, food or water on the go. It was like magic. Their food and storage containers are really cool too.

4FRNT skis is a Salt Lake based company that’s run by skiers. High five for local love

Although I haven’t tried Craft’s baselayers myself I was impressed with Craft’s Demo Day promotion to trade my base layer for one of theirs. The base layers they collected went to charity.

These are the lightest snowshoes I have ever worn. The pair together only weighs half of a typical pair of snowshoes. Plus they are based in Wisconsin where I grew up.
Platypus new fiber filter mixes soft sided water storage with a portable water filter. Scoop from the river you’re hiking by and you can conveniently drink or pour into another’s bottle. 

Fimbulvetr snowshoes are a complete redesign of the traditional snowshoe. This Norwegien company created a unique asymetrical design from a polymer material that has only one contact point with the foot. The shorter, wider shoe distributes the weight outward instead of backward. Plus it’s fun to say Fimbulvetr.
These were just a few of the cool things at this years Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. Enjoy!

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