The Magic of Bogs Footwear

Even though you can’t see them, I’m wearing Bogs Boots under all that snow.

This past Christmas we were buried under several FEET of snow. When there’s that much snow, you have to have good boots. Lucky for me Bogs Footwear sent me and Big E a pair of their insulated winter boots to review. I can tell you they rose to the challenge.

I was first introduced to Bogs Footwear by my sister in law. When I told her I was reviewing them for my blog she was more than enthusiastic. She sent me this note on facebook.

I like Bogs boots. Not cheap, but they are both rain and snow boots, so I only have 1 pair for all inclement weather. They last forever and don’t split (we ran through a lot of rain boots that way before). They also have good traction. They have handles on the side of the boots for the kids, so they can get them on and off easily themselves. They are very flexible (I don’t like stiff winter boots). They don’t get too hot in warmer weather, but keep feet toasty in the winter. My kids love them, I think they’re magic. They come in toddler sizes, kids, and adults. Every member of our household has a pair.

Magic? That’s high praise. 

Overall I’ve also been impressed with these boots. They’ve become the only boots I wear now because they are stylish enough to wear with skinny jeans and sturdy enough to take on rain, snow, sleet or hail. Okay, I’ve only tried them in rain and snow, but they are waterproof and rated up to -40F so I’m pretty sure they’d handle sleet and hail just fine.

Plus they’re cute. I like my feet to make a fashion statement, especially when the world around is so colorless and blah. Thanks Bogs Footwear.

Sometimes I have been cold even though the boots are rated at -40F. If I’m walking, chasing, climbing, playing or moving my toes stay warm and toasty, but riding on a snow machine or on occasion in the car my feet feel cold inside the boots. These boots come with efficient insulation that’s not bulky. In my opinion the insulation works best when it traps your own body heat.

Also, I wish I had requested one size smaller. I bought one size up thinking I would need the extra space with my thick winter socks, but Bogs Footwear run true to size. 

Big E opened his boots on Christmas morning and immediately put them to use climbing up the roof and jumping into the massive snow piles at our house. He’s worn them every day since. I like that the pattern is bright and recognizable too. We were at a busy children’s museum and his boots were the only way to keep track of where he was. 


  • Sturdy, durable, waterproof 
  • Handles for getting on and off easily
  • Beautiful designs and colors
  • Rated for rain and snow up to -40 degrees
  • High quality construction
  • Efficient insulation that’s not bulky


  • Cost $110-140 is not cheap for adult boots ($40-80 for toddler/kids)
  • The foot bed insert can pull out if you wear them without socks (I know it’s winter and I should always wear socks but sometimes I just have to run out quickly to my car).
  • Feet can feel cold if you’re stationary in the cold
Overall I’m very impressed. Maybe my sister-in-law was right. Maybe Bogs Footwear IS magic.

Update: I parked in a puddle yesterday and stepped out into 4+ inches of icy cold street water. It completely covered my feet which were luckily in my Bogs. I did not get even a tiny bit cold or wet. Talk about Waterproof.

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