6 Tips for Having Style in the Wild

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Camping doesn’t always make me feel beautiful. In fact it’s usually the opposite. It’s hard to feel stylish while your roughing it, smelling like campfire and miles away from a shower, but it is possible.

This post lists my top six tips for having Style in the Wild. Over the next few days I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite outwear brands for moms and tots, but it all comes back to this post. You can have fun outdoors and still feel beautiful.

1. Always pack warm clothes. Even in the middle of summer.

Last fall we took a camping trip to the High Uinta Mountains in Utah. I thought I was prepared for the cooler temperatures higher up in the mountains, but weeks of warm summer days made my body forget what cold really felt like. Spoiler alert – it sucks.

At one point this was my outfit. Pakems pink camo boots, red fleece pajama pants, a multicolored skirt, fleece sweatshirt, my 6 year old’s fleece vest and a winter hat I found under the seat in the truck. I was still freezing.

Now I plan for weather that’s 20 degrees colder and wetter than expected. I make sure to bring warm socks like these Mariposa Adventure Cross Terrain Wool Socks from Fox River or Farm To Feet’s wide array of wool sock offerings. And I won’t be caught without my new favorite sweatshirt – the Stonewear Designs Haze Hoody which I won from the Outdoor Retailer Trade show.

2. Wear jewelry.

I’m not talking about your Grandma’s pearls. But I make a point to wear a simple necklace and earrings that I wouldn’t be heartbroken over if they got lost or destroyed. Why? They help me feel pretty and are much easier to manage than makeup.

When water is a luxury and dirty hands inevitable, makeup and contact lenses aren’t worth the hassle.

At night I always clip my earrings into fabric of some sort – my pants pocket, the bottom of my shirt, even the tent mesh. It helps me find them in the morning.

3. Hats are helpful.

When I’m away from a shower for days at a time it’s not a pretty sight for my hair. Instead of bothering with brushes and shampoo on my greasy locks, I’ll just cover it with a hat. In summer it’s great because you get shade. In winter it’s great because you stay warm. Don’t be afraid to wear fun ones, you choose your own style!

4. Skirts Rock.

Some people may think skirts are just for Sunday but dresses and skirts are perfect for camping! They’re easy to throw on over leggings, shorts or swimsuits. They let others know that you care about your appearance, plus they can double as a towel or cloak for a child. I always wear shorts or leggings under my skirts.

I particularly like the new Spring line from Stonewear Designs. They sent me their Women’s Liberty Capri Tights and Cruiser Skirt to review. The skirt is made from their Mini Stripe performance fabric. It’s a stretchy material that’s great to move in. My favorite feature are the side pockets – why don’t more skirts have pockets? The fabric is super soft and comfy.

The Stonewear Designs Women’s Liberty Tights could be worn alone for yoga or running but I like them under the Cruiser Skirt. At capri length they’re a great summer choice with midweight material that’s not too hot. I love the thick waistband and hidden pocket.

5. Color is your friend. 

What I wear makes a statement about who I am. Wearing bright colors makes me smile, especially when I feel dirty from being outdoors for several days in a row or when I’m trying to have fun in cold or wet weather. For this reason I choose bright colors when I can like this red polka dot rain jacket I bought on a trip to Alaska. It rained most of the trip but my bright jacket made the bad weather a little more bearable.

Pakems packable shoes have a unique take on color. Not only do they offer great color selection for their Adult shoes (I love the pink camo), their kid’s boot comes with markers to decorate yourself!

6. Don’t forget the feet.

Keeping toes warm is a must while in the outdoors. I spent all winter snowboarding and skiing and I was so pleased to try out Farm to Feet Women’s Park City Midweight Ski Socks. Added cushion in the shin, heels and toe box kept me warm and made my ski boots more comfortable.

I also really liked their hiking socks The hexagonal weave in the heel and toes protects against excessive wear while the ridges on the top allow for ventilation. Made from Merino Wool, these socks wick away sweat while staying nice and warm.

Farm to Feet prides themselves on being 100% American Made. Their wool supply and manufacturing are all American, which is something I can definitely support. Plus their socks are beautiful and warm!

I’ve already mentioned my Pakems Pink Camo Boot but couldn’t have a section on feet and not mention them again. So often my sandals or shoes get wet or dirty with the days activities so slipping into something warm around the campfire is a must.

The tall boot has warm fleece on the inside but still pack up flat into the included carry case. The short version is great for a quick slip on. These shoes would be good for backpacking or skiing too when your feet just need a break from the clunky hiking or ski boots you’ve worn all day.

Those are my big six tips. Next time you’re adventuring in the outdoors don’t forget to feel beautiful. How clothes fit or what they look like is not nearly as important as how they make you feel. Are you comfortable? Confident? Warm? Cool? What you wear can help you feel beautiful, but really being happy does that a lot more. And you know what makes me happy? Being in the outdoors.

I contacted the companies above to ask for items to review unless otherwise noted. I chose those companies because I thought their products were uniquely designed for outdoor families and relevant for you, my readers. My opinions of their products are my own. This post includes affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase something by clicking through these links. 

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