Ultimate Adventure Vehicle on the National Park to Park Highway

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We are so pumped to take off on Stage 2 of our National Park to Park Highway Tour in just a few days! Today I’m giving you a tour of the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle we’ve created thanks to some help from some of our sponsors. But before we get to that it’s time for a history lesson.

On the 1920 inaugural tour of the National Park to Park Highway, not all of the vehicles were thin wheeled automobiles. One vehicle stood out from the others as bigger and stronger, yet understated.

The White Truck.

The name may not be that original, and compared to modern day pickups it might be better described as a covered wagon on wheels, but the 15-45 model truck was essential to the success of the group.

Here’s what some of the tour members said about it.

“The duties imposed upon the one, model 15-45 White truck on this tour, have been numerous, varied and strange. It has at once been baggage wagon, music hall, rescue car, fruit truck and passenger train. Through the trip it has accommodated the wardrobe of the entire party. At intervals of merriment the electric-bell piano, with which it is equipped, has been worked overtime.” San Francisco Chronicle, October 10, 1920

“No other truck, perhaps, could as well have served as big brother or guardian as the White, for its mates by the hundreds are being used in these selfsame parks.” The Morning Oregonian (Portland), October 24, 1920

“The White, model 15-45, used by us on the National Park-to-Park Highway Association’s official journey has been a jack of all trades. Whenever any one of the dozen or more touring cars in our caravan gets stuck in the mud, or caught on a snag of the Sierra, we S.O.S. to our White truck to come and pull us out or off. This it has always done Obediently.” Milton Lusk, San Francisco Chronicle, October 10, 1920

We think it’s fitting that our National Park to Park Highway vehicle is also a White Truck. In fact, it may be the perfect vehicle for any adventure. Check out this video for a tour:

Features we love:

  • Yakima SwingDaddy bike rack allows access to the back of the truck without having to unload our Woom bikes.
  • Decked drawer system keeps our camping supplies organized and provides a sturdy sleeping platform
  • Leer DCC Commercial Truck Top from Sam T Evans allows for ventilation, storage, headroom and more. 
  • Yakima LoadWarrior basket will allow us to store our Burley D’lite Bike Trailer.

This post includes affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you purchase something by clicking through these links. Thank you to our 2016 National Park to Park Highway Tour sponsors, several of whom are listed here. Check out our Sponsors page for more info about them.

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