KidProof Permanent Markers

We’ve got an exciting new adventure happening here at Mountain Mom and Tots. It’s totally different from the norm and has nothing to do with hiking, biking, skiing or camping. This time it has to do with crowdfunding.

Mountain Dad is launching his first Kickstarter campaign tomorrow Tuesday, October 25, 2016!


The product is Kid Proof Markers – a permanent marker with a child resistant cap. It’s designed to be unopenable by young kids, but easily opened by adults. This project is not directly outdoors related, but it IS tots related, so I wanted to share it with all of you.
The idea for the Kid Proof Markers came to Mountain Dad about 5 years ago when Big E got a hold of permanent marker and drew on one of our nice leather couches. We figured there had to be marker out there that a small child couldn’t open, but were stunned to find nothing so Mountain Dad designed his own. After dozens of prototypes (and a lot of testing with our kids, nieces, and nephews) he created a design that works great and looks pretty good too. 
Only, here’s the thing. We can’t produce the markers until we reach our Kickstarter funding goal. I’m hoping you can help us out with that in the following ways:


  1. Please buy a package. Kid Proof Markers are pretty inexpensive – $10 for a 5 pack for Early Birds. We will be forever grateful.
  2. Think of someone (or several people) who could use a child resistant permanent marker. Email them the link for the campaign:
  3. Share the love with all of your facebook, twitter, instagram, and email friends, especially the first week of the campaign. We’re trying to create some buzz so any posts, tweets, mentions, or tags you could send our way would be awesome!
Want more info? Connect with KidProof Markers on their website, facebook, instagram or twitter.
A few months ago Little G decided Baby L needed some “makeup” and used a pink permanent marker to decorate her little sister’s face. With KidProof Markers I won’t have to worry about that any more.
Do you have a permanent marker war story? I’d love to hear it. Please comment below!


Author: Mountain Mom

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