Be a Force For Good

Thanks to everyone who entered my Beat Black Friday Giveaways. It’s made me think about Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. This year my gift to the world is to be a force for good.

Be a Force For Good

Years ago during a Change-Your-Life-By-Making-Goals conference, I was asked to come up with a personal mission statement. Several people at the conference shared a paragraph or more of what they considered their core values, what goals they wanted to achieve and where they saw their life headed in the coming years. My personal mission statement was much shorter. In fact it was only one sentence long.

Be a Force For Good.

I like the idea that there is power in goodness. If I spend my life striving to be a force for good, I will have a meaningful existence. This simple phrase has helped me make decisions and guided my actions through out my life.

Sometimes my efforts in this area are not very forceful or dramatic, like when I gave one dollar to a person begging for money, or when I volunteered to watch a neighbor’s kid while she took an older daughter to the doctor. These actions are small, but my hope is that over time these small actions will accumulate into a powerful personal movement.

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This holiday season, I’d like to invite you to Be a Force For Good with me. I love that the holidays begin with Thanksgiving, a time to feel grateful for the many blessings life holds. With that Thanksgiving spirit in mind, consider what you could do to Be a Force For Good for those around you.

How to be a Force for Good

There are lots of ways to be a force for good this holiday season. Here are a few ideas:

  1. #LightTheWorld – I’ll be participating in this service oriented advent by following the example of Jesus Christ in 25 ways over 25 days. Join me!
  2. OptOutside – If you already spent the Friday after Thanksgiving outdoors, good for you! Share the outdoor love on social media.
  3. #GiveGoodEnergy – This social media campaign hosted by Biolite is all about highlighting how we give good energy to the world.
  4. Giving Tuesday – Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Tomorrow, November 29, 2016 is Giving Tuesday, the perfect time to donate money, time or items to your favorite charity. Support your community!
  5. Chanukah – The Jewish festival of lights for 2016 begins December 24 and continues through December 31. Instead of focusing on what you’ll give and get for Chanukah, try what this woman did and focus the celebration on serving others every day.

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In this holiday season that began with Thanksgiving and will continue through New Years, I want to invite all of you to join me on this quest. Whether your traditions include viewing holiday lights, hiking outdoors, giving gifts, eating latkes or spending time with family, keep in mind that you can Be a Force For Good.

Go ahead. Be a Force For Good.

How will you be a force for good this year?

Comment below. I’d really love to know.


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  1. I love this. Remembering and living by this one statement could definitely guide your decisions and actions! I shall try to do this too! I opted outside on Black Friday…went for wonderful winter hike!! I am volunteering for a bike group on the 10th…an event that sets up kids with donated bikes. Should be fun!

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