100 Tips for Teaching Kids to Ski

What’s the best way to teach kids to ski? Should you put your child in lessons or teach them yourself? You could spend hours searching the internet for the best tips and tricks, but now you don’t have to! I’ve done it for you, compiling the best articles that offer over 100 Tips for Teaching Kids to Ski.

You’re welcome.

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Teach Kids to Ski

I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to teach kids to ski because Little G is not a natural born skier. She’s been on skis since she was two (she’s now five), but every season it seems like she has to relearn the basics. She doesn’t like snow sports, which hurts my heart a little.

I wanted to share the information I found with all of you, because I’m sure there are parents out there in a similar situation. I also want to hear from you what works and doesn’t work. How do you teach your kid to ski?

Teach kids to ski - Mom and Little G

Here’s a list of the best articles I’ve found on teaching kids to ski. Each one has a wealth of information. Combined there are more than 100 Tips for Teaching Kids to Ski.

Downhill Skiing

Big E’s Big Skis

Get Your Kid Ski Lessons

Tips on Teaching Children to Ski

Big E Learns to Ski

5 Tips for Spring Skiing with Tots

January is Learn to Ski or Snowboard Month


Here are my favorite posts from around the web.

Teach Children Skiing – This blog, put together by Rich from Level Nine Sports has a series of 12 videos showing how to teach children skiing. The videos can also be found on YouTube.

KidProject.org Ski Schooling Series – Alyssa, my friend and fellow outdoor family blogger has a great ski school series on her blog. You will definately want to read these articles.

Bring the Kids Ski School – Another fellow outdoor family blogger has some great articles with tips to teaching kids to ski. I’ve learned a lot from Jessica over at Bring-the-Kids.com.

Brave Ski Mom: Teach Your Kids to Ski

SOS Mom Blog: How I Prep For Skiing with Kids

Fatherly.com: The Best Downhill Racer in US Team History on Teaching Kids to Ski

Teach kids to ski: Big E skis under the lift

Skiing stories

Sitting Out on Skiing with the Tots

How Skiing Strengthens Families

I’m a fan of tricking children to get what I want. That’s why I liked this article from Ultraskier.com: Teaching Kids to Ski with the Tom Sawyer Method.

Tears on the Bunny Hill are an Investment in our Future by Rain or Shine Mamma

Teach kids to ski: On Ski Lift

Cross Country Skiing

Get Outside with Burley’s We! Ski Kit

Cross Country Skiing with Kids

Nordic Skiing with the Ladies

Sundance Nordic Center Ski and Snowshoe

Here are my favorite posts from around the web:

Sierra Trading Post: Techniques for Teaching Toddlers how to Cross Country Ski

Active Kids Club: Your Guide to Cross Country Skiing

Canada’s Cross Country Ski Bunny Rabbit Program

Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies: Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers to X Country Ski

Brave Ski Mom: Cross Country Skiing with the Family

Tales of a Mountain Mama: Cross Country Skiing for Kids

TravelingMel: Cross Country Skiing

Born to be Adventurous: Cross Country Ski Tips for Toddlers: Getting Up

Do you have tips for teaching kids to ski? Leave a comment!

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  1. On thing I find be to invaluable when introducing kids for the first time, is to make it familiar and fun before they arrive at the slopes. Using things like video, kid`s books, stories – anything that will create positive connects with skiings, and so that when they first clip their skis on they already have some expectations of what is to come, and are not completely overwhelmed. `Joey`s first ski lesson` is one of many books that focuses on doing just that.

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