50 Ways to Go Green That I’ve Personally Tried + GIVEAWAY

In honor of Earth day April 22, 2017, I thought I’d share 50 Ways to Go Green That I’ve Personally Tried. Over the last eighteen months I’ve been motivated to change my habits to be more environmentally friendly. Some of these habits became easy lifestyle changes, others…well…not so much.

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Change Your Hiking Mentality

One of the easiest outdoor activities to do with kids is hiking. However, hiking with kids is not like hiking alone or with other adults. It requires a completely new hiking mentality. If you’re looking for a happier outdoor hiking experience try these tips to change your hiking mentality.

Change Your Hiking Mentality


Don’t Hike. Explore.

A few years ago a friend of mine told me she had stopped hiking with her three young boys. I was surprised, since we often took our kids on trails together. She assured me that she’d still be getting outdoors.

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April Go Green Challenge

Go Green

Who’s ready to go green for Earth Day? The April Go Green Challenge will get you on your way!

I’ve had a great time getting outdoors with you readers for my monthly outdoor challenges. March’s challenge was a roaring good time (see below), but I think you’ll all like April’s challenge even more.

April Go Green Challenge Pin

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Outdoor Podcast Feature

This month, Mountain Mom and Tots was featured on not one outdoor podcast, but two! Check out these interviews for a little outdoor inspiration.Outdoor Podcast Feature Pin Continue reading “Outdoor Podcast Feature”