Rocking Motherhood: Motherhood Moments

Rocking Motherhood

A big thanks to Hike Like a Woman for tagging me in their Rockin’ Outdoor Motherhood post. I love the idea of women sharing what they do well as mothers. In that post I was asked to share 10 ways in which I’m rocking motherhood.

Most people would feel awkward listing things they do well as a parent. To be honest I feel a bit uncomfortable too, but instead of being tentative I’m going to jump in with no excuses. Our polite society says it’s conceited to say or think nice things about yourself, but if you can’t recognize your own talents, how can you develop them?

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Snowboarding and Motherhood Part 2

Snowboarding and Motherhood

Last week I wrote about my connection between snowboarding and motherhood, but the post got so long I decided to make it into two. Here’s the second half of my snowboarding and motherhood story. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences. For more posts like this check out my Motherhood Moments page under the Monthly Awesomeness tab.

Mountain Mom snowboarding at Bishops Bowl

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Snowboarding and Motherhood Part 1

Snowboarding and Motherhood

Yesterday was Big E’s birthday party. I had planned to have a small group of his friends come play in our six feet of snow, but a blizzard made driving to our house dangerous. Over a foot of snow fell yesterday, which is great for a snowboarder like me, but makes regular Mom life a bit tricky.

Snowboarding and motherhood have both been on my mind. That may seem like an odd pairing, but for me they are two great joys in my life. Snowboarding and motherhood are inseparably connected, and to explain why I need to tell you a story.

This post is the first half. Be sure to come back later this week to read Snowboarding and Motherhood Part 2. Continue reading “Snowboarding and Motherhood Part 1”

Be a Force For Good

Thanks to everyone who entered my Beat Black Friday Giveaways. It’s made me think about Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. This year my gift to the world is to be a force for good.

Be a Force For Good

Years ago during a Change-Your-Life-By-Making-Goals conference, I was asked to come up with a personal mission statement. Several people at the conference shared a paragraph or more of what they considered their core values, what goals they wanted to achieve and where they saw their life headed in the coming years. My personal mission statement was much shorter. In fact it was only one sentence long. Continue reading “Be a Force For Good”