Opening weekend for Sundance Resort hit hard with heavy snowfall all weekend long. You know what that means – powder time! The posted photos do little to capture the glee I felt floating through the snow. Run after run of powder up to my mid calf, sliding down the mountain as if riding on a cloud; that’s what joy feels like. I hope this coming holiday and ski seasons bring many powder days and joy to all of you.



Sundance Resort Opening Weekend

It finally snowed a good 8 inches and it was glorious. Shoveling the deck and figuring out how to use the snowblower, two awful tasks in my opinion, were actually pleasant this morning because of the beautiful blanket of white on everything. Now, snow in and of itself isn’t actually that amazing – its what you can do with it that truly inspires. Snowboarding!

Sundance Resort opened this weekend with limited access. Ray’s Lift to Midway and the tow rope were the only lifts open. I’m a back mountain rider so normally the limited access would have dampened my snowboarding spirits. But not today. The wait had just been too long from last season, plus the weather was perfect.

The flakes fell fat and slow all day, leaving powder caches along even the bunny slope. Strapping on my board for the first run of the season, I felt the nerves building. Would I remember how this all worked or would I find myself sprawled out on the snow like a newbie?

I took the first few turns nice and slow. A smile came unbidden to my face and could have giggled with glee at the feeling of sliding down the mountain again. My speed picked up and my body remembered all the movements it had no use for since April. Soon, I felt like an old pro, the queen of the mountain. I had forgotten how much fun it is to snowboard.

Now I’m hooked once again to this crazy sport. I’ve gotta say, I’m looking forward to a great season!

Mud is Goo

Thanksgiving is for Hiking!

The weather at our house was an amazing 50 degrees or so throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend so we decided to go on a family hike to the waterfall at the base of the Mt. Timpanogos Trail.  Right before we left, kids were already in their car seats, snacks and hiking pack in the trunk, Mountain Dad asked if I had any warm stuff for the tots.  We were all in sweatshirts and the sun was shining so I was sure we’d be fine and was slightly annoyed at having to go back inside to grab hats and gloves.  I was surprised to see the trail looking like this:

Good thing Mountain Dad thought ahead because it was colder than I expected.  I’m always surprised that the mountains cause cold shadows below them.  You’d think I’d have figured that out by now.
While most of the trail was a mix of ice, snow and rock the few places where it was sunny had turned the trail into a muddy mess.  This is Big E jumping in the mud, right before declaring, “This is goo.  Mud is goo!”
After a mile we were back at the car.  Big E walked, jumped, slid and explored the whole way without complaining except for when he fell on his bum on the rocky icy patch pictured above.  Little g complained quite a bit until finally going silent.  No wonder, this is her in the pack slumped into a ball of sleepy baby on my back.
This hike reminded me once again of how grateful I am to live in the mountains surrounded by beauty.  There is a connection between being outdoors and my mental health.  I feel so much happier if I go outside at least a little each day, even if it’s cold or muddy or rainy.  I’m thankful for the beauty of this earth and the joy I can get by enjoying it with my kids.