Caves week: Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park

This post went live originally on August 28, 2012. I thought it’d be a good one to re-post for my Cave Exploration Week.

Our Mountain Family went to the middle of nowhere Nevada for a little camp out. Great Basin National Park is very remote but has some impressive parts to it. My favorite was a tour of Lehman caves, an underground adventure with stalactites, stalagmites and even cave bacon. Big E was a little reluctant in the cave and little g was a little vocal. Maybe she liked to hear her echo but she loved to baby talk, especially when the tour guide was talking.
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Little g’s first campout

Little g did awesome on her first ever campout. We went to Ponderosa Pines campground by Mt. Nebo, part of the Wasatch Cache Uinta National Forest. The campsite we were at was right by a stream which provided plenty of entertainment for Big E and his cousins. The photos are of little g with her cousin and grandma as well as a photo of the Devils Kitchen, a short hike off the beautiful Mt. Nebo scenic byway which we explored the next morning. It was lots of fun for everyone! Continue reading “Little g’s first campout”

Sundance Lift

With cousins in town we went on a high flying adventure on the Sundance Ski lift. Since Big E is a bit rowdy we strapped him into a climbing harness and clipped him to Mountain Dad. We didn’t need to worry, he was excited for the adventure, or rather advegable as he called it. While flying over pine and aspen trees Big E said “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” I’m sure he heard me and Mountain Dad saying something similar moments before, because he is not a ‘notice the scenery’ type.

Little g was content in her baby wrap and I was content to keep her there. Our cousins from Nebraska especially enjoyed the mountain terrain, since they don’t have anything like it there. Riding the lift is a great activity with kids because you can ride the whole way, hike down or even mountain bike depending on your activity level. We loved it.

Utah Symphony at Sundance

As part of the Provo Freedom Festival the Utah Symphony performs at the Sundance amphitheater sometime around the fourth of July. This year was no exception. Mountain Dad and I enjoyed listening to John Phillips Sousa, John Williams, Bernstein and other patriotic composers while sitting on a picnic blanket on the grass above the seats. It was a perfect summer evening.

I wonder how the orchestra members feel about playing pieces like the Star Wars theme song. These musicians are accustomed to more elegant selections in their daily life. Do they roll their eyes each year at playing the proletariat pleasers like the medley of South Pacific? Or do they, like the rest of us, enjoy a bit of nostalgia at the prospect of playing and listening to those tunes?

Since concert music is no longer the main source of entertainment in the western world it’s no surprise that most of the song selections were recognizable. Many were part of movie or musical scores, either originally or movies and tv have adopted them.

For example, John Williams’ Olympic theme, which was wonderfully performed, is now used as ABC’s intro during their Olympic reporting. We are now visual creatures and for whatever reason classical music seems to need a visual outlet more than say a rock concert would. Maybe it’s because there are fewer songs to sing along to in the classical music set. Regardless it seems like music often involves multiple brain activities, listening and watching or listening and singing.

It was a wonderful night with good music and good company. Live music is truly best.