Thanks Mountain Dad

Last week Mountain Dad was out of town and we got over 2 feet of snow!  It made me appreciate two important things:

1 – Mountain Dad is great at snow driving and I don’t enjoy it.
2 – I don’t mind if snow blowing remains a traditionally male activity.

Amidst all that snow I was blessed to have the best snowboarding day of my life, floating down the mountain on so much powder it felt like I was flying on a cloud.  I was giggling with the joy of gliding down the back mountain at Sundance Resort.  It was an amazing feeling.

The adventure of this last weekend was much more interesting than floating on snow, however.  Mountain Dad took cousin Michael snowmobiling at Daniel’s Summit.  The powder was deep and exhilaration high.  Mountain Dad carved through a powder filled meadow for 10 minutes with cousin Michael tagging along.  The day soon turned sour, however, when cousin Michael jumped his snowmobile into a creek, flew off and landed in freezing cold water and ended up having to ride with Mountain Dad to the lodge and pay for a snowmobile tow.  We’re still not sure if the water soaked engine of the snowmobile will work.  Sad.

Stewart Falls

Destination: Stewart Falls
Location: Sundance, UT

This last weekend we tried a quick snowshoe hike toward Stewart Falls. This hike is fairly flat and easy, if hiking with young children can be considered easy at all. Once again I was surprised by Big E’s hiking ability. He was motivated to keep up with Mountain Dad and his older cousin Michael and only got distracted from the trail a few times. Little g slept in the pack. Gotta love that!

Hiking in Hetch Hetchy Valley

Location: Hetch Hetchy Valley, Yosemite National Park, CA
Destination: Wapama Falls
Date: May 2011
While going through photos for our 2011 photo album I found these gems.  More than any others these remind me of what it is like to hike with a two year old.  In the first photo Mountain Dad is wearing the hiking pack that we assumed Big E would ride in.  Big E vociferously refused complete with weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth.  Once we actually got on the trail Big E would run full speed toward the 15 foot cliff that ended in the lake so one of us was constantly sprinting after him.
When Big E wasn’t trying out for the Olympics in the 50 meter sprint he was examining plants, rocks, flowers and bugs with an enviable intensity.  Unfortunately for our forward progress he wanted to examine every plant, every rock, every flower and every bug we came across.  Our two speeds were full steam ahead or full stop.


You know the hike is in trouble when one of the members of the party sprawls on the ground and refuses to move forward at all.  This is where we decided to turn around.  We had been on the trail for an hour and gotten 500 feet or so.  My expectations had to be severely altered, even though I had gone into the hike not expecting much.  Looking back it was a fun experience but in the moment it was frustrating.  You know it’s bad when you feel like yelling at your toddler on a day that is supposed to just be fun.