Snow Crunchers

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Destination: Sundance Nordic Center
Location: Provo Canyon
Time: 2:45 pm

Can an almost three year old wrangle snowshoes? Absolutely! I was so proud of Big E yesterday when we tried out his snowshoes for the first time.  He walked around like a pro with very little falling or awkwardness.  When he did fall he said, “I think I can, I think I can,” while getting back on his feet.  I was so surprised that on his own he made the connection to have a positive attitude while trying hard things.  Can you tell what bedtime book we read earlier in the week? Thanks to Grandma for sharing her life motto via Watty Piper’s The Little Engine That Could.

I wish I could brag about the awesome hike we did but Big E was too busy throwing snowballs, climbing on snow piles and admiring the groomer machine to even leave the parking area.  Little g on the other hand was too busy screaming at the outset and sleeping at the end.  I’m still counting this as a successful adventure because we got outside, we did something active and we tried out a new sport.

MSR kids snowshoes – easy enough for a 2 year old to walk in, although the straps were a little long.
I finally got smart and used my husband’s over sized coat to keep me and little g warm since my coat won’t cover both of us.
Big E found the trail groomer to be the most interesting part of the day.
The snowshoes worked so well that Big E’s foot came out of the boot before the boot detached from the snowshoe.

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Author: Mountain Mom

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  1. So fun! You are brave and courageous and such an example. We "shoveled" snow this weekend with our snow boots off our little fire escape. Not the same as your beautiful neck of the woods. We miss it.

  2. Those snowshoes look great! Do you think that small kids are light enough to walk across the top of deep powder with those, or would the powder need to be slightly frozen?

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