Harvest Festival

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Sundance hosted a Harvest Festival this past Saturday. The music was bluegrass. Stalls sold boutique jewelry, handbags, photography, vegetables, wood crafts and even furniture. Sundance chefs provided the food and the lift was in full swing. Big E particularly enjoyed the Screech owl on display thanks to the local wildlife rescue. It was so cute!

I enjoyed the music and was so excited to see a Gluten Free food stand with samples. Big E is allergic to wheat so we rarely find things he can eat at places like that. I was so excited to give him a cookie that it was only when he was coughing, spitting and getting a rash that I realized my mistake. These cookies had eggs and nuts in them, other allergy foods that we avoid normally. So, we ended the lovely festival by racing home as fast as possible to get Big E some medicine. He’s fine now but I still feel like a bad mom. At least he doesn’t hold grudges, if he can forgive me I’ll make sure to forgive myself.

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  1. Poor little Ethan. That would be hard for both mom and son for the son to have allergies. It can be really scary for mom too. I'm glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly though. The festival sounds fun! The little screech howl is darling!

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