First Snow of the Season!

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First Snow of the Season

We’ve had a number of family birthdays this month, including little g’s first.  With every candle that needed blowing out Big E made a wish.  The same wish each time.

“I wish for snow.”
Last week his wish came true.  We got three inches or so which Ethan quickly packed, threw, bulldozed and thouroughly enjoyed.  As I tried to find coats, boots, gloves, and hats for all of us I realized that perhaps I’m not quite ready for this winter.  Little g ended up wearing a coat twice her size, with sleeves down to her knees.  Big E luckily still fits into last year’s.  
Living in the mountains means winter here is pretty extreme.  Usually I like things to the extreme – watching extreme sports, sitting in an extremely warm hottub, other such things.  I’m just not sure I’m ready for freezing every time I open the front door and digging my way to the car.  Mostly I’m not looking forward to the bundling of me, Big E and little g.  As any mom of young children knows it already takes 20 minutes to carry the diaper bag, purse, library books, reuseable shopping bags, and kids toys to the car, load both children into their seats, buckle everyone in, clean off the snow and ice, stomp around to my seat and finally warm up the car to above freezing.  Add to that putting on gloves, coats, hats and boots and you can see why I’ll be spending all my time at home this winter.  Just kidding…kinda.
Big E’s big snowball
Little g did not like the snow…
but Big E couldn’t get enough.

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  1. It is rather hard getting everyone ready to go and then having to add additional things like books, diaper bags, etc. But as they get older and can do more things for themselves, it becomes less of a battle (most days) and more of a positive adventure. In the meantime, I feel your pain! It's very frustrating.

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