Island Park, Idaho – Day 3 Sickness Strikes

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Nobody likes being sick, but it’s especially annoying to get sick when there’s something important going on.  That’s what happened on day three of our Island Park, Idaho snowmobiling adventure.  I woke up with terrible nausea, diarrhea and a headache. Soon little g also showed her colors by puking twice by breakfast time.

Not only was Mountain Dad out of commission from the previously mentioned cracked ribs, now little g and I were out of commission due to an unfortunate gastrointestinal assault.  This snowmobiling adventure was slowly plummeting down to the worst vacation ever.  Mountain Dad was NOT snowmobiling on the hundreds of miles of trails nearby. I was sleeping not-so-soundly with a crying baby at my side, trying not to throw up on her.  It sucked.

Luckily other adults were there, my sister and brother-in-law, to take care of Big E.  The only silver lining I can think of for this day was that Big E was entertained by playing with his cousins and did not try to jump on me and Mountain Dad constantly.

At one point I forced little g and I to go outside for some fresh air. After extended baby wrestling we were both exhausted. This is how she felt about getting snow clothes on to go outside:

Once we got outside it wasn’t much better.  She promptly flopped to the ground in the exact same position and cried long and loud for the whole two minutes my patience could stand.  We went back in.

The culmination of the day was at 9:00 pm.  Little g had been asleep for a few hours and we snuck into our shared room to go to sleep ourselves.  All of a sudden little g lets loose with what sounded like a poo-xplosion.

Mountain Dad said, “It sounds like g blew an O ring.”  Oh how I wish it had been poo, that would’ve stayed contained in a diaper and pj’s.  Unfortunately, when I shone the light in little g’s direction she sat on the mattress of the port-o-crib with vomit completely surrounding her.  She had laid in it, had it in her hair, got it all over her pj’s, the blanket, the mattress, and the frame of the crib.

The smell was disgusting, we were all tired and cranky but of course we had to clean her up.  She screamed through a bath, we sprayed off the crib, rinsed out the blankets and moved everything into the bathroom so we could breathe.  Despite all of the cleaning up there was still a lingering vomit smell.  We settled everyone down, again, and when we finally fell asleep that night we all hoped for a little bit better day in the morning.

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  1. OH MY GOSH – that sounds horrible! But I have to admit, I laughed my head off over that video. She is going to make your outdoorsy desires difficult to satisfy.

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