Stewart Falls Hike, Sundance Utah

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When my niece came in town for a visit, I couldn’t help but take the tots on a hike in the mountains. We live near Sundance Mountain Resort and enjoy beautiful hiking trails nearby. One of my favorites is the Stewart Falls trail. We have yet to actually reach the falls, but the stream along the trail and the lush forest surrounding us makes this a favorite every year.

Little g is at the age where she wants to walk, but her tiny legs keep her pace excruciatingly slow. To remedy this I have to force her into the hiking pack. Wrestling her in is always a pain but once she’s strapped and we’re moving she’s happy enough.

On this hike we stopped for a bit to play by the stream. Just when I stopped to take a photo, little g stopped to have a snack. I hope it wasn’t anything toxic.

Big E was a big help carrying his own backpack and leading the way. We all stopped at the Deli at Sundance for some suckers and sodas at the end of the trail. It was a great day all around.

Length: 2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Tips: Stewart Falls has several trailheads. My favorite is to take Ray’s lift to the upper stop and hike from there.

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