Payson Lakes, Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, Payson, Utah

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Payson Lakes, a camping, swimming, fishing spot located off the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway near Payson, Utah is a well known locals getaway. The high mountain scenery complete with three fish filled lakes, makes for a beautiful and exciting place to play.

On our recent camp out there, we spent most of our time enjoying the largest of the lakes. As you can see, Big E and little g thought my relaxing on the raft looked too chill and they came to make my relaxing float in the lake more like a piggy back attack.

We swam, picnicked and chased a family of ducks around the pond. Big E especially enjoyed playing with his cousins and friends on the inflatables, something little g could only manage when safely on land.

We went to Payson Lakes with Big E and little g’s cousins. The older ones spent their time lashing together logs for a Huck Finn like raft that was more than a little unruly. Let’s just say it wasn’t designed with steering in mind.

 Now, swimming alongside fish and other pond animals can be a little yucky for me, so most of the time I just enjoyed the beautiful scenery and made sure the tots didn’t drown. But for a fun place to splash and play in the outdoors, Payson Lakes can’t be beat.

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