Virgin River Swimming Hole, Zion National Park, Utah

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Zion National Park is known for its hiking and scenery, but it should also be known for having great swimming spots. The shallow and rocky Virgin River is only swimmable at some points, but conveniently this little swim spot was right by the Canyon Junction shuttle stop. 

The ruins of an old diversion dam is what gives this area its special appeal. Now, we hadn’t planned on swimming and did not come prepared, but the weather was so hot, I didn’t mind getting my clothes wet. 
The shallow section above this waterfall was calm enough for little g to splash in on her own, but my favorite part was playing in the pools below. We slid very slowly, thanks to the rough surface of the rock, into the three to four foot water below. With the tots, we stayed to the right, away from the small white water section.

Along the banks of the river we found tiny desert toads and wriggled our toes in the cool sand. On a hot summer day in Zion National Park, this Virgin River Swimming Hole could not be beat!
Virgin River Swimming Hole Info:
Location: At the Canyon Junction Shuttle stop, follow river access signs on the west side of the road.
Difficulty: Moderate. The water above is calm, but little ones should be watched carefully to avoid the rough section to the left. The water below the waterfall averaged three to four feet deep.
Tips: Bring a towel and a swimsuit. We hadn’t planned on swimming and did not have our suits, but the water felt so good, it was worth it.

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