Motherhood Moments: Preschool

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When Big E was only two years old I remember thinking, “How am I ever gonna let this kid go to school?” I loved having him by my side, my little buddy everywhere I went. But now that Big E is four and a half, I’ve realized that school is not such a bad thing. 

As Big E has gotten older his interests have changed. Instead of pulling me over to play trains constantly, he spends hours in his imagination, turning everyday objects into fighter jets, spaceships and Angry Bird weapons. His favorite past time nowadays is playing Lego Star Wars, not reading books on mommy’s lap.

I guess I have to realize that I’m not the most interesting person in his life anymore. When he was a toddler, I was the source of all the fun and games. Now, if another kid is in the room, I’m like the leperous cousin nobody wants to acknowledge.

So when Big E started preschool last week, we were both ready. He was ready to play with kids his own age, I was ready for him to be exposed to more interesting material than I could provide. Congrats buddy!

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